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What to Know About Retirement Planning

Retirement Planning can be confusing to most and usually it is even to those that have some knowledge in stocks, bonds, mutual funds and other forms of investing such as real estate!

The most important part of retirement planning is starting now!  Wherever “NOW” is for you.   It has been said that more people spend time on planning for their next vacation then on their retirement plans.   This is such a true statement!

 Most people do not realize that 1/3 of their lives will be spent in their retirement years and if you do not have a plan of how to pay for those years other than Social Security then you need to get a plan quickly!

 And, your most expensive times will be in retirement since most of the funds will go to health care!

 I would suggest in your retirement planning that you select a “qualified” financial planner to meet with and discuss these concerns and how best to approach the situation that will inevitably come to pass for each of us today!

 Most people typically do not have an inheritance that will be passed on to them or the likelihood of winning the lottery in their lifetime so planning is essential!

 If you wish to get some information on how to best plan you can also reach out to me at 530-223-5555 or contact me at

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