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Pro-actively maintaining your computers is so much more cost effective than trying to fix something after it has become a real issue or you’ve experienced data loss. There is a lot of work that goes into the monitoring and maintenance on our side, and all of it is designed to keep you “up” for more hours – keeping you and your staff productive. It’s all about ROI.  

What we do:

Anti-Virus: It is necessary to keep your system protected and that keeps your data safe. Even a few minutes without a quality anti-virus system in place can cost you ALL of the data on your PC and/or server. We install and maintain an enterprise-level anti-virus, and keep you protected and we monitor for infections on a daily basis.

Windows (and other) updates: You will not have to worry about applying all the Windows updates that are needed every week. We also make sure that Adobe, Java and all of the other software that require periodic updates are done. In order for that to happen, we go through all of the published patches weekly and approve the patches that do not cause problems, and mark them for installation on Thursday night for PCs and Saturday night for servers.

Secure (encrypted) remote support: By logging in remotely to your system we can see your screen to help you and/or do regular maintenance. You will not be required to stay on the phone with us while we fix your issue. This allows us to fix issues and answer your questions while they are small, before they become a real problem. We allow up to 15 minutes per day of remote or telephone support per network protected by our “Pro” plan.

System Health monitoring: We watch your system for problems that can occur, like (but not limited to) drives running out of space, runaway processes, and the like. We will alert you when this happens, or simply call and tell you we are going to fix them when we see them happen, depending on severity of the problem.

Reporting: If you like, we can pull a complete system health report set for you monthly or quarterly, and e-mail it to you in a PDF format. This is usually way more information than most folks want to see, but it is available.

What you do:

Your part of the process is to leave your computer “ON” on at night, not hibernating, lid open on notebooks, ready to login. Our system will attach to your computer and apply the updates that are needed. Your computer may restart in the process. If the computer is off, we are unable to do any maintenance. This process is completely secure.

What is the Cost:

 Per server:  $100/month. If you use Thin Clients, the Maintenance covers all of those users, for example 8 users have a net cost of $12.50 per user per month. More users on RDP (remote desktop protocol) equal a lower cost per user, as the subscription is for the server, not per user.

 Per PC:  $25/month. That covers all users that login to the PC, as we support the PC, your operating system, and your loaded software (within reason).

 Extra charges:  We will never leave you stranded. If you have a project that requires more than 15 minutes, or special time or effort outside of the normal maintenance coverage, we will charge our regular rates, as we always have. Example: loading new software, adding a new user to a server, or installing a new printer, or anything else that requires research or other special process.

 Web and email filtering:  We offer many other services, in particular web and e-mail filtering. This is designed to keep your employees out of inappropriate websites and keep SPAM traffic out of your inbox. These are special items and your mail server must allow us to forward your mail traffic through the filter. Please ask about this if you are interested.

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