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What is a Leads Group?

A Leads Group is a type of networking organization where members meet to share new sales leads and referrals.  Referrals are of tremendous value as the closing rate on a referral is much higher than a ‘cold call’.  Getting referrals from other members can be the perfect ways to jump start a new or stagnating business.

When you are part of a business leads group, you’ll get to know the other people; their integrity, values and business ethics. The better you know each member, the easier it will be for you to recommend them to others.  Most leads groups will take the time to make sure new potential members have a reputation of quality and excellence before asking them if they’d like to join.

Business group meetings often have guest speakers.  The Northern Business Associates (NBA) encourages all members to participate in ‘Shop Talk’, a 10 to 20 min. period of time where they can expound on the services they provide.  In addition, NBA also brings in guest speakers to share their wealth of knowledge in a particular field.

It is important to understand that just because you become a member of a leads business group, it is not a guarantee of new business or on-going referrals.  However, with a few phone calls to NBA members, you’ll discover that they have increased business or developed new customers directly as a result of being in the association.

There are a variety of leads groups in Redding, all with their own unique benefits.

Some are more expensive than others and have differing meeting structures.

The attraction of the long-standing Northern Business Associates is the low cost of being a member, the laid-back style of meetings and most definitely the quality of people who have joined the NBA!

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