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Business Continuity: Protect Your Data, Update Your System, Avoid Infection

The Four Pillars of Business Continuity

It is necessary to protect your data, programs, and operating system so your business can continue to operate.  There are relatively simple, but repetitive and tiresome steps that must be taken to keep your computers clear of infection, and your data safe.

  • First is to protect your network at the hardware level. We do that with a “Unified Threat Management Appliance” to take place of your old-technology router/firewall. The new appliance and technology has intelligence that keeps the invaders outside of the “fence”, so traffic that includes infections never makes it into your network.  This is relatively new technology, and works a major percentage of the time, but no protection is perfect.  This is the first layer.
  • The second layer involves applying all security updates to your operating system, and keeping them up-to-date on a daily basis. Microsoft publishes patches every Tuesday, and your system sometimes needs to be prodded into installing all these updates.      Also, third-party applications like Java require frequent maintenance.  This is a boring and repetitive process, and is more easily done by our updating service, which we offer as a service.
  • The third layer of protection is to have a quality anti-virus program installed on your system, and have it update definitions no less than every 30 minutes. There are “free” AV programs out there, and they are worth exactly what you pay for them – nothing.  We have done extensive testing on this technology and have found the leader in the field is WebRoot Endpoint Protection, and that is what we install.  WebRoot is available by itself or comes included with our Maintenance & Management monthly service. Our “value-add” is the management component, we help to remediate problems.
  • The fourth layer of protection is to employ an intelligent, off-site backup service that runs automatically, and saves your data out on the cloud. This layer of protection saves your business from catastrophe like fire or floods, where your business office is destroyed.  It is necessary to backup all of your computers and servers to be secure in efforts to recover from disaster.  Multi-layer backup is necessary, with ability to fall back to a specific date, in case a virus quietly destroys data and you do not realize it for some time.

BusinessWare specializes in putting the latest technology to work to keep your data safe.

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