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CHP Chief Elizabeth Barkley Visits NBA

We were all very interested to hear our guest speaker, CHP Chief Elizabeth Barkley and learn about all the exciting ways the CHP is working to promote our local area, veterans and more!

Elizabeth Barkley was previously known as the Assistant Chief for California Highway Patrol (CHP), and was sworn in as the new CHP Northern Division Chief in July, 2019.  The Northern Division covers the 13 northernmost California counties. Their headquarters are in Redding and they are responsible for 15 area offices and staffed with 715 total employees.

Chief Barkley moved to Shasta County in 2013 and fell in love with all the beauty Northern California has to offer. “I just feel such a sense of belonging within the community and I am proud to serve them,” said Barkley.

Known for many great qualities, Chief Barkley’s hard work and dedication have been recognized since day one. Less than an hour after Barkley was sworn in, she was already talking about the future. “I look forward to being a good beat partner with our allied agencies and serving our communities,” said Barkley.

Even though Chief Barkley lost her home and all of her belongings during the Carr Fire, a time when Shasta County Sheriff, Tom Bosenko said Barkely put her community first. “During the first part of the incident, Chief Barkley wasn’t at the office or behind a desk, she was out in the field assisting,” said Bosenko.

” I encourage any young person, male, female if they have a passion for serving people and a love for their community, a career in Law Enforcement is absolutely something they should consider,” said Barkley.

CHP Careers

If you are looking for a fast, exciting, and rewarding career, you may want to check into the California Highway Patrol!  They are more than just a state law enforcement agency, they are a diverse and family-oriented people, dedicated to working together as one to protect the communities they serve.  Their background is a rich history of providing Safety, Service, and Security to the people of California.   The California Highway Patrol offers many career opportunities!

For those interested in a future with the California Highway Patrol or who have questions about career opportunities and the hiring process you can speak to Officer Jesse Rogers by calling (530) 722-1839.  You can also email him at or visit

Military Recruiting

The CHP offers military personnel a unique working environment which utilizes the skills, self-discipline, and life experiences you have developed during military service. Former military personnel easily fit into the CHP’s workforce and adapt well to our paramilitary work environment. You can use your former military skills and self-initiative to help you promote through the CHP’s ranks.

CHP Programs

Many of us didn’t realize the CHP has so many beneficial programs available!  Here is a small overview of some of the many programs the CHP offers:

  • Age Well Drive Smart
  • Commercial Vehicle Section
  • School Bus Program
  • 11-99 Foundation
  • Certified Business Advocate Program
  • Senior Volunteer Programs
  • Avoiding Vehicle Theft
  • CA Motorcyclist Safety Program
  • Child Safety Seats
  • Youth Programs

To read more in-depth about each of these programs, visit their website here:

Get in Touch With the CHP

The CHP also has a phone # for non-emergency purposes (e.g., accident reports, tow questions, CHP office locations, vehicle theft tips, community outreach programs).  The purpose of the nationwide toll-free telephone number is to provide the public with an easily recognizable telephone number that can be used to contact the California Highway Patrol (CHP).

CHP has personnel that answers the 1-800-TELL-CHP telephone number 24 hours a day, seven days a week.  1-800-TELL-CHP (1-800-835-5247)

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