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The NBA group often has guest speakers and this past year, Cal Hunter of KBLF Radio, was kind enough to speak at one of our meetings.  KBLF Radio has been serving Tehama County since 1946!  They offer live local morning programs between 7 and 9 am.  During this time, KBLF offers observations, interviews, insights and commentary on the everyday events not only in Tehama County, but of the world also!

Over 50% of Americans stream online radio at least once a month, which is up almost double from five years prior.  With such a broad user base in markets from coast to coast, radio advertising and branding can be an excellent way to boost an ad campaign and enhance your branding strategies.

Cal gave our group some key points about how radio can help build brands and how branding can benefit your business.

Target Your Key Audience

Every radio market has dozens of FM and AM channels to choose from, including 24-hour talk radio.  Which channels you choose can be an excellent way to target your key audience as well as helping you build a brand identity based on what music or programming you choose to associate with.

Put a Voice with a Brand

One advantage of radio advertising over traditional newspaper ads and social media marketing is you give listeners an interactive experience with you and what you have to offer.  Rather than seeing your name and associating it with an article, hearing your radio ad a few times will build a mental image of your brand based on your voice, attitude and message.

Immediately Reach Customers

With a push of a button, your radio ad gets to your listeners’ ears.  As soon as a station plays your ad, everyone listening passively will immediately hear what you have to say.

Market to Active Shoppers When They’re Ready to Buy

Most people while driving to do shopping, will listen to the radio.  When your listeners are already in the purchasing mindset, a message regarding sales or new products is far more likely to make an impact.  By aiming your ads at your key audience through station placement and time slots targeted at active shoppers, you have the power to promote your business to those ready to spend.

Radio is local, personal and easy!  To find out more about advertising with Red Bluff Radio, contact Cal Hunter at

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