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NBA Guest Speaker – Rob Burroughs

Our Local NorCal Veterans Museum

The Northern Business Associates was proud to have guest speaker Rob Burroughs, the Executive Director of the Northern CA Veterans Museum come to our meeting and speak to our group.

Rob let us know about the Veterans Museum, which is designed to forever document and depict the story of American history as seen through the eyes of its Veterans.  It will be a  21,000 square foot steel building. The plans for the museum are for it to be profitable.  Rob is not a paid employee for the Veterans Museum, he works for donations centered on Veterans.  In addition, we learned that the National Guard will be helping with the grading of the land to cut costs.


Northern California Veterans Museum & Heritage Center is a non-profit organization dedicated to the preservation, promotion, and to honor Veterans of all branches of the United States Military. The Center focuses on maintaining this history and tradition in ways that might not otherwise be available through appropriated funds.

If you would like to support the Veterans Museum, please contact Rob  Burroughs through either his Facebook Page or the NorCal Veterans Museum website – both links are below:



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