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Security Solutions to Protect Your Computer

We recently received some valuable information from BusinessWare, a highly praised IT business here in Redding.  Here is a summary of some important steps that must be taken to keep your computers clear of infection, and your data safe.

The first layer of protection is to protect your network at the hardware level.  This is done with a ‘Unified Threat Management Appliance” which replaces your old technology of a router/firewall.  This new technology has intelligence that keeps the invaders outside of the ‘fence’ so traffic that includes infections never makes it into your network.

The second layer involves applying all security updates to your operating system and keeping them up-to-date on a daily basis. This process is provided by an updating service.

The third layer of protection is to have a quality anti-virus program installed on your system, and have it update definitions no less than every 30 minutes.  The leader in this field is WebRoot Protection which can be installed and serviced through a maintenance & management service.

The fourth layer of protection is to employ an intelligent, off-site backup service that runs automatically and saves your data to the cloud.  This layer of protection saves your business from catastrophe like fire, floods or something that could destroy your office.

Keep your data, programs and operating system safe!  BusinessWare, an NBA member, and a leading provider of computer security solutions, can evaluate your level of network security and put their latest technology to work for you.

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