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NBA Christmas Party 2017

NBA enjoyed a fun & fabulous annual Christmas Party with a gift exchange!  It was held at Walt McNeil’s  Law office where he provided the perfect place to gather and celebrate the end of a good year.  Everyone had a festive time, some were dressed in delightful costumers!  In the pictures below you’ll see Robin dressed as an Elf with others getting ready to eat.

Al Mired from Kaleidoscope Coffee played some tunes while we all ate the enormous amount of food!   In another picture you’ll see Dave Ercolano, Diane Friebel and Walt McNeil getting numbers ready for who goes first, second, third on getting to choose gifts! There were several packages to choose from, some of the White Elephant Gifts were pretty exciting!

Redding Northern Business Associates is a positive group of people!  We hope you’ll be joining us this coming year when we have our 2018 Christmas Party!

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