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Getting Your Business Noticed!

There are so many articles and blogs about how to get your business noticed that we’ve compiled a condensed version of the latest information. Here are some key points to implement if you haven’t already done so.

  1. Make sure you have an on-line presence foremost.
    This would entail having a modern, user-friendly website and using social media (i.e. Facebook, LinkedIn, etc.)
  2. Keep up with your Blog postings and engaging customers through Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn and other social channels. Make it your goal to post a new blog at least once a month, ideally on pre-scheduled days. If you don’t have an on-going blog on your website, connect with your web developer to see what programs they offer or who they recommend.
  3. Don’t use every post to promote yourself or your business or service. Write content that is relevant to the industry you are in or the community. Keep in mind, your goal is to accumulate followers!
  4. In any advertising you do, focus on the benefit or value that your services provide and how it will make the customer’s life better or solve a problem.
  5. Avoid using the same wording on all your advertising, posts, etc. Re-word it so it sounds fresh and exciting.
  6. Use business cards, print ads and other forms of advertising to help ‘brand’ and promote your business.
  7. Ask your employees, friends and family for referrals. If you offer them some kind of reward you’ll find they’ll be more likely to remember to refer you to others. The reward could be anything; a discount, a referral fee, or any kind of gift card, or even cash.
  8. Do something for a local charity. Volunteer, donate items, and help out. All these things are not just helpful to the charity group, but also will give your business some additional recognition.
  9. Make some videos giving advice or tips for your field of business. After you get the video made, create a free YouTube Account and be sure to name it with your business name. Upload the video and then have your web developer imbed it on your website. Google will give you preference in search results and you can start directing people to your YouTube channel through social media.
  10. Get serious about promoting your business. Join your local chamber and/or a leads organization. If you budget permits, TV ads and radio spots can be very helpful, but make sure you have your website listed on those ads to drive traffic to your site.

Getting your business noticed takes action and planning. If you have a brick and mortar business or service, maybe a fresh coat of paint, re-arrange and clean it up if needed.  This would be a good starting step.

Then jump in to all the on-line ways of getting noticed!

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