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Solar Carports Direct is the go to company for “Not On My Roof” solutions for solar! We make architecturally pleasing solar structures for residential and commercial properties. For the homeowner we have the Pergola or Patio for the backyard and an RV or Carport for the side or front of the home.

We have carports for the commercial businesses that are great to show the public they want to be eco-friendly and give their customers shade or rain protection. Also electric car charging stations work great under these as well! These structures can be any color! They will match your building and add value to the home or business! We have a “almost watertight seal” that we use so that the rain doesn’t go down your collar in the rain! We use structural steel so the life of the structure is 45 years plus!

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Members - Solar Carports Direct - Northern Business Associates
Members - Solar Carports Direct - Northern Business Associates

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