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Office 911

No job too big, no job too small

Are you stressed out and bogged down by piles of paper and tasks associated with your business that you simply cannot get done? Overwhelmed with the need to reorganize? Need more time for the important stuff?

I provide administrative assistance whether it be catching up that to do list, entering that huge pile of paperwork or organizing/reorganizing the office. I can help with that temporary absence of an employee and I am excellent at customer service, collections included!

I have a variety of expertise from medical billing, insurance, real estate, escrow, general office procedure (including data entry at the speed of light) and I provide excellent customer service.

  • I don’t need costly office space, equipment, supplies or software. I can use your office and equipment and/or my home office for any work that can be taken out of the office.
  • You don’t have to pay employee-related taxes, workers’ compensation insurance, or health benefits. I am an independent contractor.

  • You don’t have to pay to recruit or train me. Yes, I may need a little instruction as to how you want things done, but I have 25+ years of administrative support experience and am already skilled in a wide variety of tasks.

  • Flexible scheduling. Willing to work outside business hours.

  • No job too big, no job too small

Members | Office 911 | Northern Business Associates
Members | Office 911 | Northern Business Associates

Jonna Shaughnessy

(530) 917-4050

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