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Lipo Light

What Is Lipo Light?

Advanced technology using LED Light Therapy to lose inches off the waist, tummy, hips, thigh, arms, even under the chin.

The wavelength from the LED Lipo Light is a Non-Invasive method that penetrates the skin absorbed by the fat cells, opens the cell wall, and breaks down allowing the fat and toxins to be release into the blood and lymph system where it will burned off. This is a natural and safe way to eliminate that stubborn FAT.

The Benefits of Choosing Lipo Light

  • It’s Non-Invasive
  • Safe
  • Pain Free
  • No Surgery or Down Time
  • You Can Do the Treatment On Your Lunch Hour

Protocol for Best Result

  • No Alcohol during your 12 sessions
  • Drink Plenty of water to flush out Fat
  • No Eating 2 hours before and after a session
  • Session must be 2 or 3 times per week
  • 10 minutes on Vibration Platform, or you may choose to exercise within 24 hours after a session.

Results Based on Protocol

Based on 12 sessions 2-3 x per week (48-72 hours) apart clients will lose 1-2 dress sizes 6-10 inches overall, firming and tightening of the skin. Lipo Light also aids in contouring and sculpting the body and a decrease appearance of cellulite.

Cryo Therapy

Cryo Therapy is COLD Therapy. Cryo therapy is used for a quicker recovery on injures, post-surgery, sore joints inflamed muscles and arthritis. Spot treatments brings the area to a temperature that is just above freezing. This sets the benefits of cryo therapy in motion without risking danger to the tissue. Spot cooling increase circulation to the treatment area, reduces blood flow, lessening inflammation and swelling in the area. The treatment also flushes cellular waste away from the injured area This can result in reduced pain and muscle soreness, increased range of motion, speedier recovery, and a quicker return to normal routine.

The Cryo Machine blows out cold air at -22 degrees 50 times colder then ice. A 3-minute treatments is equivalent to 30 minutes on an ice pack with longer lasting results.

I have been in the fitness, health and wellness industry for over 33 years. My passion in life is to help men and women who struggle with their weight; to help them achieve their goals as well as those who suffer in chronic pain. And Without the use of pain or diet pills. It can be done in a Healthy
safe and Non-Invasive way. I am here to help!

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