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Circle N Heating and Air

Great Service at any Temperature

Heating & Air Conditioning – Sales & Service Serving Shasta County & Surrounding Communities – since 1974

Specializing in Residential, Manufactured / Mobile Home Service.

An Authorized Coleman & Intertherm Service Center


Tired of waiting 2-3 days for emergency service or repairs? For decades, Circle N has been c omitted to “SAME DAY” Service for customer “emergencies”.


In this industry, reliability means getting the right parts and the right skills to the right place at the right time – every time! At Circle N we have a well-deserved reputation for doing just that. And, we can provide a long list of happy customers as a testimony.

Reasonable Pricing

We don’t bill by the hour like so many others, and then spend endless hours getting the job done. At Circle N, our customers want, and get a “flat rate” (not to exceed) estimate for their entire job. And, if it costs us more to complete a job, that’s simply the cost of doing business.

We’re Also Manufactured Home Specialists

Locally owned and operated – we’ve been responding to customers with Manufactured homes (like those sold by Cousin Gary’s & Sierra Homes) for over three decade. Service requirements for these homes are radically different than for a traditional “wood frame” house. Circle N has long been a resident expert on these unique (and constantly changing) requirements.
Providing a service that ensures compliance with local and H.U.D. building codes and safety requirements is what we’re all about.
You won’t find finer skills, more experience, or a happier group of customers than you will right here at Circle “N”.

More Than You Might Think…

Both you and your home climate control system experience a lot more stress when the weather is at either extreme – the ear biting cold of winter or the blazing heat of our summers. That means that the potential for breakdown is greatest, just when your furnace or AC is working at its hardest.

So, here are some easy tips for keeping you and your family snug and warm in winter and cool and refreshed all summer:

  1. Clean or replace filters frequently (based on manufactures’ recommendation).
  2. Replace battery(s) in your thermostat annually.
  3. Have your system professional services semi-annually.
  4. Consider upgrading your old, tired equipment with a new, higher efficiency system.
  5. Call the first chance you get. Don’t wait till things get worse and more expensive.

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