Make Your Pet a Happy Tails Pet!

Happy Tails Barkery on Hartnell in Redding, is a place you’ll surely want to check out if you have a dog or cat that has a special place in your heart!  This store is full of all kinds of goodies, pet health products, accessories, treats, play toys and of course the healthiest dog food and cat food around!

Eric Tener wanted to work with animals and was praying for a way to do this.  Then when Happy Tails came available to buy, he couldn’t pass it up!

Customer favorites for their pets include the homemade cake and dog treats regularly made at the store. Customers call in to order their pet cakes, so they’re made fresh to order. (They use applesauce in their recipe to make it healthier for your pet).

In talking with Eric on an NBA business outing, we learned that you should not ever give a dog chocolate, grapes, coffee, beer or fruits with stones in them (like peaches).

Some brand name toys that Happy Tails carries are Kong and Westpaw, which are made in the USA.  There are well made toys your pet will love (!) and a large variety of leashes available for every size dog!

Many people use oils to keep their pets’ coats looking nice.  Happy Tails carries all the best name brands of pet oil!

If you are looking for Flower Essence for pets, Happy Tails carries a large line of Energetic Essences.  Eric and the staff at Happy Tails Barkery will help find the best flower essence for your pet.

Finally, you’ve got to go in and look at all the varieties of healthy pet food, made in the USA!  I had no idea that much of what people are buying is from China!  Give your dog or cat the best quality food that you can!  Get it from Happy Tails Barkery!  You’ll find it’s not as expensive as you thought.

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